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Concrete Leveling Midland TX

If you’re unsure whether concrete leveling would benefit your Midland, Texas home, consider the following questions: Does your concrete foundation or driveway have cracks? Have the walls in your home begun to bow in? Are the doors or windows in your home difficult to open or close? Have you noticed cracks in your walls or ceiling? If you answered “yes” to any of these, you could be experiencing the effects of an uneven foundation.

Any home in Midland can begin experiencing foundation issues for numerous reasons, such as shrinking soil volume. If soil settlement is to blame for your foundation problems, one option is to get concrete leveling services. Here is one process for addressing settling soil:

  • Drilling holes into the uneven foundation
  • Pumping a cement grout beneath the sinking foundation to raise up the slabs
  • Filling up the empty space between the foundation and the soil beneath it

If concrete leveling isn’t the best method to repair your foundation, we’ll let you know, as well as find the most effective alternatives for your home. For instance, to repair sinking foundation we can use structural foam, helical piers, and other methods. In order to figure out which of these methods would work best for your home, we can do an on-site inspection of your foundation and create a customized repair plan for your property.

To schedule a consultation in the Midland, TX area or to learn more about Childers Brothers, contact us today. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about concrete leveling and any of our other foundation repair methods.