If You Have Cracks in the Ceiling of Your Lubbock, TX Home, Let Our Trusted, Local Company Inspect Them

Cracks in Ceiling Lubbock TX Homeowners who notice cracks in the ceiling of their Lubbock, Texas homes will want to know why they’re there in the first place, and Childers Brothers can tell them. As a foundation repair and soil stabilization specialist, we’ve been helping residents of the Texas Panhandle since 1972. The secret behind our decades-long success lies in our dedication to using premium products, employing expert staff, and providing the type of integrity and customer service you can expect from a family-operated, local company like us.

Our excellent reputation aside, one of the reasons you should call Childers Brothers if you notice cracks in the ceiling of your Lubbock home is because these types of cracks can be the result of several different factors. For instance, a fractured ceiling could indicate:

  • Excessive moisture in your foundation
  • A lack of support for your ceiling
  • Improper drywall installation
  • A shifting foundation, possibly due to soil settlement
  • Or something else

Unless you’re an expert, it can be difficult to know which of the above is causing the cracks in your ceiling. Here at Childers Brothers, however, we have the tools and experience necessary to determine the causes – and to successfully repair any damage to your ceiling, foundation, or other parts of your home.

It’s crucial to address ceiling problems right away because if your ceiling were to collapse or begin falling down in pieces, it could result in serious injuries, as well as damage many of your possessions. Plus, if your cracked ceiling is the result of a failing foundation, you could soon be plagued by other problems, like warped floors and bowed walls, unless you promptly seek professional repair services.

To avoid a potential onslaught of negative consequences, contact Childers Brothers today. We’d be happy to evaluate any cracks in the ceiling of your Lubbock, TX home and create a plan of repair to ensure your property is as good as new.