Should You Be Worried About the Cracks in the Walls of Your Amarillo, TX Home? Find Out by Calling Childers Brothers

Cracks in Walls Amarillo TXYou may have asked yourself if the cracks in the walls of your Amarillo, Texas home are signs of a bigger problem. Homeowners are often relieved to find out that most short, thin cracks can be easily repaired with caulk and aren’t a major cause for concern, but there are some cracks that can signify structural problems, including:

  • Horizontal cracks – These can be problematic because they could indicate that the bond between the cement blocks composing your wall has deteriorated enough to cause a crack. While finding these cracks in your walls doesn’t mean your house is about to come crashing down, do ask a professional to inspect them.
  • Diagonal cracks – If the cracks in the walls of your Amarillo home are diagonal, they might be a sign of a serious issue. Since these cracks are found in the middle of blocks and not just at the joints where the cement and block meet, they’re more likely to be deeper than other cracks and could suggest a structural problem.

In addition to looking out for these types of cracks, you should also look for any protruding nails or any windows or doors that are difficult to open and close. If you want to know for certain whether the cracks in the walls of your home are a sign of a structural problem, you can count on the experts at Childers Brothers to perform a thorough evaluation and tell you.

Our family-operated, local company has been addressing the problems that accompany construction on the soils of the Texas Panhandle since 1972, which means we have the expertise and the right tools to treat a wide array of foundation problems. From helical piers to structural foam, you can rest assured we’ll find the best method to address any cracks in the walls of your Amarillo, TX home.

To learn more about our services or to schedule an in-home evaluation of your walls, contact Childers Brothers today.