For Solutions to Any Foundation Problems Plaguing Your Home in Amarillo, TX, Trust Childers Brothers Inc.

Foundation Problems Amarillo TXIt’s important to solve any foundation problems your home in Amarillo, Texas, has before they get out of hand, as a house is only as stable as its foundation. Childers Brothers Inc., a family-owned foundation repair company, can offer a solution to any foundation concerns you’ve noticed in your home. We’ve spent decades building a vast knowledgebase on all aspects of foundation stabilization and the region’s soils, and we’re trained in the latest methods of fixing foundation problems.

When your home’s doors or windows are sticking, cracks are forming in the walls or ceiling, or your basement walls are bowing, your home is likely having foundation problems. Childers Brothers Inc. is equipped to analyze the issue and return integrity to your house in Amarillo, Texas. We’ll perform a thorough evaluation of your home and the soil surrounding it to determine which factors are causing damage to the foundation. Then, our highly-trained, full-time technicians will strengthen your home’s foundation or basement using one or more of our long-lasting methods, which include:

  • Installing helical piers, beams, and braces for structural support
  • Adjusting existing piers and beams
  • Injecting soil stabilizers to balance moisture levels in the ground around your foundation
  • Applying sealants to prevent leakage in your basement
  • Injecting foam to level cement surfaces that have settled
  • Filling cracks with epoxy that strengthens and seals the structure

When you have foundation problems and you want to work with professionals, turn to us. We’re one of the oldest names in the business, and we’re also the most reliable.

To learn more about how the expert team at Childers Brothers Inc. can solve your foundation problems, please contact us today. We’re prepared to put your home in Amarillo, TX, back on solid ground.