Homes with Foundation Problems in the Lubbock, TX Area Can Count on Childers Brothers for Help
Foundation Problems Lubbock TX

Any homeowner who encounters foundation problems at their Lubbock, Texas property will want a reliable, reputable company to count on. Not only does Childers Brothers fit this description, we’re also the oldest name in the business and have decades of experience in this area. Since 1972, people like you have been trusting Childers Brothers to expertly diagnose foundation issues and perform effective, lasting repairs. Childers Brothers is highly experienced in a variety of methods to resolve foundation problems in Lubbock homes, including:

  • Piers – We can install piers to help strengthen a failing foundation and prevent foundation settlement.
  • Mud-jacking – A sinking foundation can often benefit from mud-jacking, which is the process of injecting a grout mixture under concrete to help lift up a falling foundation.
  • Soil stabilization – If your foundation problems are the result of soil that is overly wet or dry, or soil that’s simply unable to hold up your foundation, we can strengthen it and help control its levels of shrinkage or swelling.
  • Waterproofing – When a foundation is holding too much moisture, it can cause a home to experience leaking. This can ruin carpets, drywall, and result in mold and mildew. The experts at Childers Brothers can resolve these problems by waterproofing your property and ensuring it has a proper drainage system.

If you think your home may benefit from any of the above, or if you think you might have foundation problems and would like an expert opinion, make sure to call Childers Brothers. As soon as you contact us, we can schedule an appointment to examine the problem areas in your home. On the date of your appointment, one of our technicians will visit your home, determine the causes of your foundation problems, create a plan of repair for you, and answer any of your questions. Once you approve our plan, we’ll schedule your repair. From then on, you can leave the work to us!

To begin the process of addressing the foundation problems in your Lubbock, TX home, call Childers Brothers today.