Which Home Foundation Repair Methods Are the Right Ones for Your Odessa, TX Property? Childers Brothers Can Tell You!

Home Foundation Repair Odessa TXIf you want to know the right home foundation repair method for your Odessa, Texas home, Childers Brothers will be happy to help. For over 40 years, our family-operated, local company has been restoring the foundations of homes in the Texas Panhandle. We’d love to use our years of experience to address any structural issues that are affecting your home.

When you come to Childers Brothers for assistance with your foundation problems, we’ll schedule an appointment, evaluate the problem, and create a personalized plan of repair for your Odessa home. When creating the plan, we’ll choose from the wide array of home foundation repair methods we specialize in, including:

  • Mudjacking – This process consists of drilling small holes into affected foundation slabs. Cement, or an equally powerful mixture, is then injected into the empty spaces between the slabs and the soil beneath them. This helps raise the slabs back to their original level.
  • Pier and beam adjustment – If your home was built on a pier and beam foundation, this will likely be the best home foundation repair method for you. We can either adjust your current piers or add additional beams that will help address sagging floors, jammed doors, and other symptoms of a failing foundation.
  • Helical piers – There are times when the best solution for a failing foundation is to install piers beneath the home in order to better support the structure. This is an effective way to permanently secure a home’s foundation.

To set up an appointment with one of our experts in the Odessa, TX area, call Childers Brothers today. We can tell you more about the different services we offer and help you figure out which home foundation repair method will best suit your home.