Get Expert Home Stabilization Services for Your Amarillo, TX Home

Home Stabilization Amarillo TX

Childers Brothers has been providing home stabilization services in the Amarillo, Texas area for decades. A homeowner will typically seek these services when the foundation of their property begins sinking or cracking, oftentimes as a result of the soil beneath it. One of the ways that the knowledgeable technicians at Childers Brothers can address this problem is through chemical grouting. More specifically, we can use EcSS3000, a powerful mixture that is injected into the soil beneath a structure to stabilize the soil, making it more compact and reducing the risk of it settling in the future. Other home stabilization methods we can use on properties in the Amarillo area include:

  • Compaction grouting – We can address failing soil, sinking concrete, and sinkholes by using this grouting technique
  • Power bracing – Those who want home stabilization services for their basement can rely on this method to strengthen basement walls, usually through the use of steel
  • Epoxy crack injection – This product can fix less severe cracks and can be used on its own or with an I-beam

Regardless of which home stabilization method best addresses the problems of your property, you can rest assured knowing that when you work with Childers Brothers, you get the best service for the best value. Having first opened our doors in 1972, we pride ourselves on our experience, our excellent reputation, and our knowledgeable, courteous employees.

If you’re ready to learn what sets Childers Brothers apart from other foundation companies in the Amarillo, TX area, give us a call today. We’d be happy to send one of our specialists to examine any areas of concern in your home and, if we conclude your home would benefit from home stabilization services, explain the different options we offer.