If You Need House Leveling Services in Odessa, TX, You Can Rely on Childers Brothers and Our Decades of Experience

House Leveling Odessa TXHouse leveling services may benefit your Odessa, Texas home if it’s being affected by foundation problems. For example, although people may not give much thought to what’s beneath their foundation, the soil underneath a home can have a big impact on the structure above it. For instance, if soil does not have enough moisture, it begins settling and leaving empty spaces between the soil and the foundation. These empty spaces leave the foundation above unsupported and can begin causing issues like jammed windows and doors, misaligned trims and molding, cracked floors, and more.

Here at Childers Brothers, we understand the importance of providing house leveling services to homeowners in Odessa. That’s why our family-operated, local company has devoted over 40 years to helping homeowners address foundation issues in the Texas Panhandle area.

Throughout our decades of experience, we’ve learned the most effective house leveling methods, including:

  • Pier and beam adjustment
  • Helical pier installation
  • Epoxy crack repair
  • Slab lifting foam

Childers Brothers can help determine which of the methods above will best suit your home. We can do this by first examining what’s causing the foundation issues in your property and explaining the process we believe will be involved to treat them.

Contact us today to learn more about why homeowners have been placing their trust in us for decades. We’d be happy to have an in-home consultation, examine any problem areas in your Odessa, TX home, and tell you more about our house leveling services.