Mudjacking Services from Childers Brothers Can Eliminate the Foundation Problems Your Denver, CO, Home is Experiencing

Mudjacking Denver COMudjacking, also known as slabjacking, can help restore home foundations that are falling below their original levels. There are numerous reasons why a home’s foundation may begin sinking. One common culprit is compaction. This refers to when soil loses porosity, causing it to decrease in volume and leave empty spaces between it and the cement slabs above it. When left unsupported, these cement slabs begin sinking. In order to address compaction and other factors that cause home foundations to sink, Childers Brothers provides mudjacking and an array of other soil stabilization services to homeowners in Denver, Colorado, and surrounding areas.

If you are specifically interested in mudjacking for your home, you’ll be happy to know that this repair method is fairly simple and straightforward. Here is what you can expect when Childers Brothers uses this technique for your Denver home:

  • First, we’ll drill small holes in the sinking foundation slabs.
  • We’ll then inject cement or another powerful mixture through these holes, filling up the empty space between the slabs and the soil.
  • Once the foundation has been raised to its original level, we’ll seal the holes and clean up the work site.

How Will Mudjacking Benefit Me?

Not only will mudjacking ensure your foundation is even, but by doing so, it’ll also help eliminate the array of issues that come with having an uneven or sinking foundation. These issues include cracked moldings, sagging floors, bowed walls, and more.

If you’d like additional information on the mudjacking services Childers Brothers offers to homeowners of Denver, CO, contact us today.