Get Premium Mudjacking Services in Lubbock, TX from Our Family-Owned Company with Decades of Experience

Mudjacking Lubbock TXMudjacking is one of the most cost-effective ways to address a sinking foundation in Lubbock, Texas. Other methods of repairing a failing foundation include using columns and support beams, installing piers, and more. Some of these alternatives, however, can be more time-consuming and intrusive than mudjacking.

While you might have heard the term before, you might not be sure of what mudjacking entails. If this is the case, here’s the process you can expect if you choose this service for your Lubbock home:

  • First, holes will be drilled into the section of the foundation that is sinking
  • A concrete mixture will then pumped through these holes to fill up the empty space between the foundation slabs and the soil beneath them, helping to raise the slabs back up
  • Once the foundation is even, the process of mudjacking will conclude and the holes will be sealed

If you’re wondering why foundation might sink in the first place, there are several possible reasons. One common culprit is soil settlement. This refers to when soil decreases in volume, which typically happens due to lack of moisture, and causes the foundation above it to sink. That’s why mudjacking involves injecting a concrete mixture on top of the soil, so that it can fill up the empty space where soil used to be.

Regardless of whether you prefer mudjacking, pier installment, or another alternative, Childers Brothers can help. Contact us today to set up a consultation for your Lubbock, TX property and begin learning more about the many ways to improve the foundation of your home.