Mudjacking Can Raise the Sinking Foundation of Your Midland, TX Home

Mudjacking Midland TX

Mudjacking is commonly sought out by homeowners in Midland, Texas who are experiencing the negative effects of a sinking foundation. A foundation can begin sinking for a variety of reasons, including when the soil beneath it shrinks due to lack of moisture or expands due to oversaturation. When soil begins to settle, homeowners may choose mudjacking, or slabjacking, for their property.

Mudjacking, which is oftentimes chosen by homeowners in Midland due to its simplicity and effectiveness, typically consists of:

  • Drilling small holes into sinking foundation slabs
  • Injecting cement or a similarly powerful mixture through these holes
  • Having the mixture fill up the empty spaces between the foundation slabs and the soil beneath it
  • Raising the sinking foundation to its original level
  • Cleaning up the area and having peace of mind knowing the foundation is now solidly supported

In addition to mudjacking, there are several other techniques that can be used to address a failing foundation, such as compaction grouting, pier and beam adjustment, and chemical grouting.

Regardless of whether your home requires mudjacking or a different repair method, Childers Brothers can help. Since 1972, our family-operated company has been serving homeowners in the Texas Panhandle and studying the soils of this region. Thanks to our years of experience, we’re able to use our comprehensive knowledge to provide homeowners like you with the best solutions to any foundation problem.

To schedule an appointment with one of our experts, contact us today. We’d be happy to visit your Midland, TX home and determine whether mudjacking, or one of our other services, would best resolve the foundation issues your home is experiencing.