Pier Foundation Repair Can Stabilize Odessa, TX Homes That Are on Shaky Ground

Pier Foundation Repair Odessa TX

Pier foundation repair is a common renovation that’s performed on Odessa, TX homes that are experiencing foundation issues. This process consists of installing piers beneath sinking foundation slabs in order to help support them.

While a failing foundation can be caused by several different factors, such as poor construction, weak soil is the most common culprit. That’s because soil can easily shrink during arid weather, resulting in empty spaces between the soil and the foundation above it. This can cause a foundation to begin sinking due to lack of support.

If you’re interested in using pier foundation repair to address any foundation issues in your Odessa home, here is the process you can expect:

  • Holes are excavated around the failing areas of the foundation
  • Piers are then installed beneath the foundation
  • The piers can be encased in concrete to help ensure they stay in place
  • The excavated holes are then covered up and the area is left looking undisturbed

If you’re looking for the right company to perform this process for your home, you won’t have to look further than Childers Brothers. Since 1972, our local, family-operated company has mastered the best methods to repair the foundation of homes in the Texas Panhandle. We’d love to use our decades of experience to help benefit your home.

Contact us today to learn about the different foundation repair methods we specialize in. We’d be happy to send one of our experts to your home and help you decide if pier foundation repair is the right service for your Odessa, TX property.