Piers Installed by the Experts at Childers Brothers Will Fortify the Foundation of Your Midland, TX Home

Piers Midland TXChilders Brothers has decades of experience installing piers to reinforce home foundations in Midland, Texas and its surrounding areas. Foundation piering can be especially beneficial for homes that are experiencing the effects of soil settlement, which refers to when the soil beneath a home dries out and shrinks. This shrinkage oftentimes leaves empty spaces between the soil and a home’s foundation, causing the structure to remain unsupported and possibly become damaged.

Piers are widely regarded as an effective way to address unsupported foundations. They are hydraulically driven into the ground and serve as a steady structure for a home to rest on. Some reasons why Midland homeowners might consider having piers installed include:

  • They don’t put pressure on the home or structure
  • Piers can be readjusted in the future, if needed
  • They’re long-lasting because they’re designed to hold more weight than a home will place on them

In addition to using piers to address a failing foundation, the experts at Childers Brothers can also use soil stabilization, structural foam, mudjacking, and more. These methods can resolve issues like sloping floors, cracked moldings, and warped walls – all of which are common symptoms of foundational problems.

Contact Childers Brothers today to learn more about whether piers, or a different foundation repair method, could resolve your home’s foundation problems. We’d be happy to schedule a consultation for one of our experts to visit your Midland, TX home, examine any areas of concern at your property, answer your questions, and create a plan of repair for you and your property.