Slab Lifting Services from Childers Brothers in Big Springs, TX, Could Help Restore Your Sinking Foundation

Slab Lifting Big Springs TXSlab lifting is a service sought out by homeowners in Big Springs, Texas, whose homes have begun experiencing the effects of a sinking foundation. These effects can include sloping floors, cracked walls, jammed doors and windows, and cracked or displaced moldings. If you’ve noticed any of these in your home, it’s a good idea to call Childers Brothers.

Since 1975, Childers Brothers has addressed foundation issues for countless homeowners throughout the Texas Panhandle, including Big Springs. Thanks to our decades of experience, we’re thoroughly versed in the most effective foundation repair methods, including slab lifting, which consists of:

  • Drilling small holes into the foundation slabs that have begun sinking
  • Injecting a grout mixture or powerful foam through the holes in order to fill in the space between the foundation and the soil beneath it
  • Sealing the holes and leaving the site looking undisturbed

Slab lifting can be especially beneficial for foundations that are affected by soil settlement. This refers to when soil decreases in volume due to a lack of moisture, resulting in a void between the soil and the foundation above it. The longer the foundation remains unsupported, the more structural damage it can cause to the property above it.

Contact Childers Brothers today to learn whether slab lifting could help benefit your home in Big Springs, TX. It’d be our pleasure to send one of our experts to examine any problem areas in your home and discuss the most effective repair methods with you.