Soil Stabilization Services Available to Big Springs, TX, Homeowners from the Experts at Childers Brothers

Soil Stabilization Big Springs TX

Soil stabilization methods can benefit homes in Big Springs, Texas, that are experiencing negative effects – such as cracked walls and sloping floors – due to the soil beneath their foundations. Soil can either shrink or expand depending on whether it has too much or too little moisture. This can sometimes lead to severe issues, depending on the change in soil volume. Shrinking soil – also known as soil settlement – can leave an empty space between the foundation of a structure and the ground beneath it. This empty space can cause problems like jammed cracked walls and jammed doors.

Alternatively, when soil has too much moisture – whether it’s caused by plumbing leaks, wet weather, or something else – it expands, potentially leading to problems like wet basements and uneven floors. Soil stabilization can address the issues that come with soil settlement, as well as those related to oversaturated soil.

In order to protect homes against the predicaments that accompany weakened soil, Childers Brothers offers soil stabilization services throughout Big Springs and its surrounding areas. One of the most effective soil stabilization products that we use is EcSS 3000, which is injected into the soil beneath a property in order to:

  • Prevent the soil from having too much or too little moisture
  • Reduce the maintenance costs associated with weakened soil
  • Increase the load-bearing capacity of the soil

To learn more about the soil stabilization methods offered by Childers Brothers, contact us today. We’d be happy to help you learn more about how our company uses its decades of experience to benefit homeowners in Big Springs, TX.