Soil Stabilization Services Will Ensure Your Midland, TX Home Stands on Steady Ground

Soil Stabilization Midland TX

As a soil stabilization specialist, Childers Brothers focuses on helping homeowners in Midland, Texas put their foundations on solid ground. This is a crucial service because when the soil beneath a home settles, cracks, or expands, it can cause the foundation above it to shift, thus affecting the home’s infrastructure and causing walls to bulge, floors to become warped, and a number of other problems.

To help homeowners who are experiencing the negative effects of uneven soil, Childers Brothers specializes in providing residents of Midland the following soil stabilization services:

  • EcSS300 – When the edge of a foundation is lifting up, this product is used to even out the perimeter of the foundation by stabilizing the moisture level of the soil.
  • Chemical grouting – This consists of injecting a powerful chemical mixture beneath sinking foundation to help restore it to its original level
  • Compaction grouting – This is different from chemical grouting because instead of using a chemical mixture, cement is injected beneath failing foundation to help raise it back up.

Childers Brothers would be happy to schedule a consultation at your home to examine your soil and foundation and determine which soil stabilization technique would best suit your property. Additionally, if you’re concerned about any problems regarding your foundation, we have a wide array of methods to help.

Don’t waste your time with inexperienced companies. Instead, deal with a professional the first time and contact Childers Brothers. We would be happy to provide your Midland, TX home with the best soil stabilization services to ensure you have a steady and strong foundation.