Soil Stabilization Methods Could be Crucial to Odessa, TX Homes Experiencing Foundation Issues


Soil Stabilization Odessa TX

As a soil stabilization and foundation repair expert serving Odessa, Texas, Childers Brothers is happy to help any homeowner whose property is experiencing the negative effects of failing soil.
When soil naturally shrinks or expands, it can wreak havoc on the foundation of any home that’s built on top of it. If you’re wondering whether your Odessa home is experiencing these negative effects and might be in need of soil stabilization services, consider whether you’ve noticed any of the following:

  • Sinking foundation at your home, or even a sinking driveway
  • Cracked walls or ceilings
  • Bulging or bowing walls
  • Uneven floors

While any of the issues above could indicate that your home is experiencing serious structural issues, you won’t know for certain until you contact an expert. That’s why we encourage you to come to Childers Brothers with any of your foundation concerns.

Since 1972, our local, family-owned company has been helping homeowners like you discover the true cause of their foundation problems, and then employing the best methods to treat such issues. These methods have included chemical and compaction grouting for soil stabilization, as well as basement stabilization, house leveling, waterproofing services, and more.

Here at Childers Brothers, we take pride in the integrity of our company and can assure you that we’ll give you an honest diagnosis of any structural problems that may be affecting your Odessa, TX home. To schedule an onsite consultation for your home or learn more about our soil stabilization services, contact us today.