Soil Stabilization

When it comes to ensuring a solid foundation, we know that no two soil compositions are the same.

With over forty years’ experience in foundation repair in the panhandle area, we have found that highly expansive clay soils cause the most damage to foundations and homes over other types of soil. Highly expansive clay soils, like the ones found in this region, shrink and swell due to changes in moisture content causing damage to your home. The result can cause heaving and cracking of foundations, slabs, pools, and other structures. Untreated, expansive soils can lead to distressed foundations, cracked walls, and sticking doors. Childers Brothers, Inc. has found a product that addresses the swelling of clay soils. This product is EcSS 3000. EcSS 3000 is a proven product for reducing the swell of clay soils. EcSS 3000 significantly reduces the volume changes in the soil and subsequently the upheaval movement of swollen clay. EcSS 3000 is safe for landscape and lawns. The interior of the home is not disturbed and it is not invasive in any way. The material is injected with portable hand held equipment without disturbing or harming the lawn or plants.

Why does clay swell?

The main cause of expansion in clay soils is the tendency of individual soil particles to attract and hold water. Clay particles have a net negative electrical charge and attract positively charged ions present in the soil-water matrix. In the attempt to attract positive ions, many layers of water molecules are held by the clay particles. These layers of absorbed water force individual clay particles away from each other resulting in soil expansion.

Chemical Stabilization creates a cat ion rich environment in the injected zone. The individual clay particles negative charge is reduced and its tendency to attract and hold water is greatly reduced. The injection zone will exhibit minimal swell after the treatment.

Who can benefit:

Soil Stabilization - EcSS 3000EcSS 3000 can be used to address problems with existing structures or can be used as a preventative measure on new construction projects. EcSS 3000 is a proven product backed by years of research at prominent universities. Penn State University and Texas A&M University have both had great things to say about this product.

Penn State said that “Based on the results of research conducted at Texas A&M…there is evidence that…the net negative surface charge of the clay appears to be reduced, thus decreasing the attraction to water…potentials for long term stability of soils treated using EcSS 3000™ solution stabilize expansive clays do exist…”

“…in EcSS 3000™ …a hydrophobic environment is created at the particles surface which tends to repel water…The process is irreversible.”

This process will often lead to an increase in load bearing capacity of the soil. Amazingly, although EcSS 3000 uses water to carry it’s ions into the soil; it does not pre-swell the soil. This is the only proven product in this industry that truly addresses expansive clay soils and offers an affordable solution to home owners wanting to protect their home. Contact us for more information.