Structural Foam is an Effective Solution for Homes in Odessa, TX, That Are Experiencing the Effects of a Sinking Foundation

Structural Foam Odessa TXChilders Brothers can use structural foam for homes in Odessa, Texas, that are being impacted by a failing foundation. There are several different factors that can lead to a sinking foundation. One of the most common factors has to do with the soil beneath a structure or, more specifically, soil settlement. Soil settlement refers to soil that is lacking moisture and therefore shrinks. While this may not sound like a pressing issue, if the soil dries out enough, it can leave large empty spaces between a structure’s foundation and the ground beneath it. These spaces can cause the foundation to sink, leading to an array of problems, including warped floors and walls.

Regardless of whether the foundation in your Odessa home has been left unsupported due to soil settlement or a different issue, Childers Brothers may recommend the use of structural foam. If so, here’s the process you can expect:

  • We’ll drill small holes into the sinking cement slabs
  • The structural foam will be pumped through these holes in order to fill the voids between the sinking foundation and the soil
  • Our workers will then seal the holes and leave the area looking undisturbed

To learn whether structural foam is the right solution for your home’s foundation problems, contact Childers Brothers today. We can set up a convenient time for one of our foundation experts to visit your Odessa, TX, home and examine any areas of concern.