Homes Affected by an Unstable Foundation in Lubbock, TX Can Count on Childers Brothers for Help

Unstable Foundation Lubbock TXIf you have a home with an unstable foundation in the Lubbock, Texas area, you’ll want to get professional help. At first, you may be unsure if the issues you see in your home are caused by a weak foundation, but thankfully you don’t have to be a concrete expert to know when the foundation in a home might be failing. Homes with poor foundations typically develop a wide array of signs, including warped floors, bowed walls, jammed windows, and doors that are difficult to open or close. If these are issues you’ve experienced in your home, you’re probably suffering the effects of an unstable foundation.

Since 1972, Childers Brothers has dedicated itself to working with the soils of the Texas Panhandle and resolving the foundation issues that accompany it. This is important because an unstable foundation is oftentimes the result of the soil on which it’s standing. Soil that lacks enough moisture tends to shrink and settle – which is especially common during the arid summers of Lubbock – whereas soil retaining too much water can expand. Both issues – soil that’s too dry or too wet – can cause damage to the foundation above it. An unstable foundation can also be the result of weak soil that isn’t able to support the weight of cement. In addition to these problems, there are times when the original concrete mixture used for a foundation was poorly made, causing the foundation to deteriorate at a faster-than-normal rate.

Regardless of what’s causing your unstable foundation, Childers Brothers can help. As a foundation repair and soil stabilization specialist, our company has been tackling foundation repairs on residential, commercial, and industrial buildings for decades. We’ve done this through the use of helical piers, structural foam, and other cutting-edge methods that allow us to ensure a home’s foundation is stable and on solid ground.

If you’re interested in having one of the experts at Childers Brothers inspect the problem areas in your Lubbock, TX home and create a plan of repair for your unstable foundation, contact us today.