If an Unstable Foundation is Affecting Your Midland, TX Home, Childers Brothers Can Help

Unstable Foundation Midland TXAn unstable foundation could indicate big problems for any property in Midland, Texas. That’s because a foundation serves as the backbone of a home or building, and once it starts failing, everything else is affected. For instance, if your foundation is deteriorating, your home could experience bowed walls, jammed doors, cracked ceilings, fissured walls, and more. In order to prevent this domino effect, you’ll want to contact a foundation repair professional as soon as possible.

Here at Childers Brothers, we’re a foundation repair and soil stabilization specialist that’s spent the past decades using the most effective methods to treat unstable foundation issues in the Midland area. These methods include:

  • Installing helical piers
  • Mudjacking
  • Soil stabilization
  • Slab lifting and structural foam
  • And more

One factor that can determine which of the approaches above best suits your home depends on what is causing your unstable foundation in the first place. Oftentimes, a foundation can begin failing when the soil beneath it shrinks or expands. But it’s also possible for it to fail due to poor construction, excessive moisture, or a separate issue. It’s crucial to know the specific reason behind your deteriorating foundation in order to determine the best treatment for it.

When you come to Childers Brothers, you won’t only find out the reason why your home has an unstable foundation, you’ll also receive exceptional service from a local, family-owned company. Contact us today to learn more about Childers Brothers, or to schedule an appointment for one of our expert contractors to visit your Midland, TX home.